Montag, 30. November 2009

we almost could imagine winter, all in a sudden ice fall from the sky

a little gost on the boat
the harry potter students, the whole city is full of them

gomma lakka

saudade, das gefuehl meines lebens



it arriveschrismas...
gimaraes, here was Portugal born

my city
my room, vol II
drawing classes
sankt martins laternen basteln mit Merle


yeah, right...
one reason to love Portugal
about 15 years ago the guard of this little trainstation gave me a rose, now i was back and it's still charming
I wrote half a book infront of this little chapel somewhere in the douro vineyards

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

my room...

this similarity, my withdom teeth still have to wait to become a neclace, and slowly i can feel a bit in my tongue again, hurray

little nature wonder

next to my bed

from dusk till dawn

close to piolho, the student cafe retoria, with those scary harry potter students always being around

this pic doesn't belong here, well painting in school, got my hands dirty, once again

or picknick place for sunsets